Monday, June 3, 2013

All Good things come in time!

So I should start off with an introduction.

I am a seamstress, a costumer, jeweler, hat and soap maker. Is that too much?

Every week at least once a week I will be covering the previous costumes that I have done, take a whole day out of my scheadule to sit down and explain what it is that I do and how I do it.

Expect to see my face ALOT and my studio ALOT.

I will be adding videos and offering costuming challenges with prizes hopefully.

The idea is to share my knowledge, with documentation as much as possible.

There should be NO secrets to costuming.

I don't beleive that costuming should be a myth, I beleive that if you are going to costume, costume with the best materials possible and in the end, make that effort to look like your costume and the person in it, stepped out of a portrait of movie piece.

I don't just do historical costumes I also do replicative movie and show peices as well.

So I hope to see you all very soon, stay updated, this blog has to undergo a serious beautification process.

I think the first blog should be Viking's, as I am on the kick currently.

I'll show you reliable patterns, how to make your own trim, annnnd the meanings and definitions behind the period of the historical pieces.

Sounds like fun? Good! I am glad you are here!

Heather Clark, - ElizabethesCloset

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