Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cranach Collar, German, Saxon. Das Theory In Construction.

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So I'm a going to talk about German Cranach collars.

How to make something like them and my theory as to why they are the way they are.

The idea, or my assumptions while there are no extent examples for us (historical re-enactors) to recreate these pieces, we must guess.
And sometimes guessing is really just trial an errors.

So here's the theory.

They are made of metal and pieces were created by a Jeweler in Saxon Germany. Someone who was well versed in metal working. Who then took down the clients measurements for a custom piece and ideas and created a beautiful collar for their client.

Construction Theory.

Part 1: They are entirely made of metal, that includes the roping.

Part 2: The entire collar circles the whole neck.

Part 3: There is a hidden clasp, or swing method, which is utilized by the jewelers. But more 'modernly' practiced in the times by armorers.
Which include clasps, swing clasps and possibly hinges.

Part 3.1 : Roping. Decorated edges bent over into a fold  or small bend, to protect the wearer.
Why do I think this?
Armorers use it to protect the wearer from harm, the method existed in period, thus it could possibly exist in a construction method for the German collars.

Part 4: Decoration, we know that English ouches were popular on French hoods and known as billiments for necklines. We know that those were reused via wardrobe accounts.

Its not too far of a stretch to assume that jewelers would have their own kind of billiments for it.


This leaves the question of the floral designs on the piece. Were they raised? or much like the brass stampings we have now, or were they designed then casted in gold and set into the collar?

Considering we have no extent examples of these collars we must guess.

As I take the journey on the clasp's and rolled edges, I will testing a few theories on which looks better, and what one looks closest to the period portraits.

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