Friday, March 21, 2014

Polychrome Waistcoat - Left front panel finished and more Progress shots

Finishing the left front panel!
Hey I finished that panel in February 2014 YAY!
A spool and half of gold thread and 8 grams of Spangles.


And now I have started the Right front panel, Almost all of the multicolored silk work is nearly done. I'm working on all of the greenery right now and making MASSIVE amounts of notes, and a few adjustments here and there.

Meanwhile, I am sorting through and acquiring more research for the documentation that surely has grown a life of its own by now. So MANY tidbits and sifting through is like a taking a sugar shaker and sifting through it.

Surely I would like to do a style timeline, because waistcoats shapes and designs have changed over a few very short years believe it or not; and silk woman still makes me scratch my head as I am almost sure, that there is a connection. But I am still debating on it, actually. I really want this project perfect, when I am done with it. I want to be 100% happy with what I am making.

I understand no one is a more harsher critic than yourself. That's totally true.
So what I have been doing lately? Besides stitching and listening to ALOT of audio books, and Marathons of Game of Thrones.

Ive stopped and taken a few costuming commissions, and then researching my waistcoat. However Ive gotten a bug, and decided to draw out and ink in the rest of the pieces of this waistcoat. Which will save me time later. If I am going to push myself and finish this project this year, It's a good idea.

However, I've messed up a bit and thought to do all the smaller pieces on one panel, which would make sense, then forgot that I had to have 5 small gores, and thus I lost space. So I need to redo that panel. I did however, draw and inked out both sets of sleeves. I rechecked them about six times to make sure I have room for the sleeve allowances, and to make sure I am embroidering the right sides without freaking out, and embroidering the wrong side, only to find out too little to late.

I'm a little paranoid that way, SUCH a large project, and the LAST thing I want to do is to think I have finished the sleeves and find out that I didn't and did the wrong side. How depressing would that be?

Left sleeve, You can see that I accidently drew outside the pattern line, but I can fix that when I sew it together. The lines will be covered with Plaited Braid stitch. So its not that big of a flub. At the very top, I marked, L and R. To define which sleeve is which, in case people ask me about it.

Both sleeves inked out.

I'll update the blog a bit later, with the final panel of the smaller pieces. In total, it will be six panels. But these sleeves are HUGE. In hindsight, I should have done those first, instead of the back. But It always seems when one is learning to do something, it seems to me. I do them backwards. But still, this is a wonderful learning project; and I am utterly and very proud of myself with sticking with this project.

Until then, Happy Embroidering.


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  1. Your work is amazing! You are a true master artist. You have inspired to try a wall hanging of roses, birds, butterflies,etc. Exquisite work!!!!